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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Family Update + Announcement

Well another Sunday has come and gone. The weeks are flying by over here. My kids are growing and changing by the day! It is so cool watching them develop their own personality.

My daughter for sure has changed so much in the 6 months she has been with us. I can't believe a half of year has already went by since her birth. She is getting close to crawling already. I would say in the next month or so she will start. I can already tell as soon as she starts being mobile she won't stop just like her big brother.

My son has been doing a lot better with his jealousy issues. I try to take time every day to spend one on one time with him, and it has worked so well! I love how much he is growing and changing too. He is becoming so talkative. My son has been going through "calling me by my first name" thing again. Its actually pretty hilarious to hear him call me "Taya" instead of "mom".

Now for  my update and announcement. I want to spend more time writing about "Adventures". There is so many cool things to see and do in my area. I want to show my readers what fun and exciting things we do around here. I am also looking for local readers to add to this. If your interested in writing about your "Adventures" please email me! Or you can leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

I will continue to do reviews and occasional giveaway so that will not change. I will also be covering cloth diaper, breastfeeding, and babywearing information. I would love to continue teaching so I'll be working more on teaching material and resources for cloth diapers.

Till next time XOXO

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