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Friday, January 18, 2013

Citrus Lane January: 8 month old girl

My daughter's Citrus Lane box arrived today!
Citrus Lane is subscription box for babies and toddlers. Citrus Lane sends us a box of baby and toddler items normally 4-5 each based on my child's age. Now going up to age 5!
1) Zoo Lunchies from Skip Hop. We received one in our Back to School box for our son and love them! They are great lunch boxes. I'm glad both kids have thier own now :)
2) Soothing Creme + Playful Wash Packet from Episencial. I love the brand so this is great to have.
3) Ella's 1 pouch from Ella's Kitchen. My daughter just started on solid foods recently so this is great. I'm a big fan of the Ella's Kitchen brand.
4) To-Go Disinfectant Spray from Cleanwell. Always good to have during cold & flu session!
5) Bear In a Square from Barefoot Books. This is an adorable book! We have several from them already so its another happy addition!
You can use my link here for $10 off your subscription to Citrus Lane! Both kids love getting the monthly surprises!
Till next time XOXO

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