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Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring Henna Workshop

I'm very excited to share this great Henna Workshop with my readers. I love Becca's work! She did my belly while I was pregnant with my daughter. I will be attending Becca's class in May to learn more about Henna. It is believed that if you have Henna done in the last weeks of your pregnancy it will help you have an easy labor, and ward off any evil spirits surrounding the birth.

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Amazing Vision Photography by Kelli Rase



Spring Henna Workshop
Hosted By Legacy Art Studio & Gallery-Midland, MI

Sign-Up Now!
One-Day Henna Workshop: $65 Per Person
Class Length: 3+ Hours (Middle Eastern Appetizers Included)
Class Age Range: Teen or above
Class Skill Level: Entry Level

Workshop Includes:
• History of Henna and various cultural interpretations.
• Where to purchase henna powder.
• Where to find henna resources such as designs, cones, bottles, tips, etc.
• How to mix a henna recipe to obtain the best stain.
• How to make and fill traditional henna cones.
• How to apply and preserve henna designs.
• How to take care of your henna tattoo.
• How to charge for henna, book parties, events, etc.
• Hands-on practice with “sample” henna cone.
• Hands-on practice with henna patterns/designs.
• Hands-on practice applying real henna on yourself and one another.
• Hands-on practice drying, preserving and gilding the henna with glitter.

All participants receive the following:
1. Workbook: “Intro to Henna” CD (Includes step-by-step instructions, design patterns, and several other goodies.)
2. Practice: Hands-on practice in mixing and applying henna.
3. Ready to Start Kit: Henna cones and prepared henna ready to apply up to 50 small henna designs.

Henna Art By Becca

Facebook RSVP HERE
Till next time XOXO

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1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I would love to learn something like this.

    Beautiful picture! I guess I am too close, but it really does not make me wish to be pregnant again.