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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Little Pnuts December Special Delivery Age 2

Little Pnuts is a quarterly subscription box service with four Special Deliveries each year. Each box comes with three to five toys that fit your child's age and development. My son who is 2 years old received his first Special Delivery a few days ago. I won a box from Simple City Life. I am really excited to share this great subscription box with my readers!

Here is a look inside our December box!

1) Zoo Animal Block Puzzle by HaPe. ($15.99) My son really loves this. The blocks are great for stacking as well as making different animal pictures. We have been having such a great time playing with the blocks. They are made out of wood and are top quality.

2) Tim's Building Machines Puzzle Book by Haba. ($14.99) This is a great 3 in 1 picture book! It has several great activities included.

3) Number Matching Puzzle by HaPe. ($14.99) I really love the bright colors and that it has dots to correspond with the numbers as well as pictures along the sides.

4) Clicker Clacker by Haba. ($13.99) This is definitely a very fun musical instrument! My son loves making "music" with it.

I think the Little Pnuts Special Delivery is great. The toys are super high quality and Eco-friendly. My son has had endless hours of entertainment from the toys included in our package. I will definitely be purchasing a 1 year subscription for him. I love that the box only includes toys. It will be a great way to discover great toys and have fun teaching my son new things. I will be doing separate posts for each of the toys included in our Little Pnuts Special Delivery so be on the look out!

Till next time XOXO

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  1. So if you received $60 worth of toys, Why should we pay $75 for this subscription?

  2. It's only $75 per box if you do month to month. If you pay for the full year it makes it $60 a box so you get your moneys worth plus free shipping.