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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bare® Coming soon!

Bare® is coming soon! register to hear the scoop before everyone else (limited quantities).

How are we different? BARE™ air-free baby bottle mimics mechanics of breastfeeding and mother’s breast entirely –not just the nipple– from shapes & texture to movement, storage and delivery of milk. BARE™ air-free baby bottle uses a patented fluid dispensing technology with moving parts (similar to a syringe) to maintain an air-free environment inside the bottle without air vents to help minimize gas/colic in babies due to air ingestion. BARE™ also features an expandable nipple to resemble mother’s nipple action while breastfeeding and allows baby to control the flow of milk with sucking strength, to help prevent nipple confusion. You can see a video at & a close up of Perfe-latch nipple at . BARE™ grows with your baby: The synergistic effect of combining these innovations in one bottle allows toddler to feed at any angle to promote development of early self-feeding and faster/easier weaning. The same feature minimizes backwash & spit into the bottle to reduce bacteria-growth, keeping milk fresh longer and healthier.

About the Mom-preneur, CEO & Founder:

As a new mother and big supported of breastfeeding, I was set to exclusively breastfeed our first son. My low milk supply condition forced me to become a combo mom. As it's the norm (until now anyway) my baby began to reject my breast due to nipple confusion and easy feeding from the bottle. Every time I bottle fed my baby I turned him into a bag of gas resulting in endless sleepless nights for the three of us. I realized that baby bottles weren't working for my baby or myself. My breasts don't have air-vents, why should baby bottles? was the question that gave birth to Bittylab, LLC in June of 2010.

About Bittylab™, LLC:

Bittylab™, LLC, headquartered in New York City, New York, was founded in June of 2010 by Priska Diaz, wife and mother of two children. Bittylab is focused on offering innovative new products that raise the bar with quantifiable benefits and ultimately translate to better performing products for mom and baby. BARE™ air-free baby bottle is Bittylab’s first of a complete line of baby products under development. To learn more about Bittylab™, please visit

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