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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Win a Papa Murphy's Gift Card!

All you have to do to win a $10 Gift Card is comment below why you want it. One comment per person. I will pick a winner TONIGHT at 10PM EST via Good luck! <3


  1. Hi!
    I would like to win it because I love pizza and a gift card for pizza would be beneficial to me right now!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    ~Mippy :)
    bunnysmip At yahoo Dot com

  2. Hello!

    I would love the gift card because as a mommy of a special needs child who has 2-3 therapist in and out of the house weekly along with play dates and dr appointments preparing and cooking dinner is just not possible. Thanks for not throwing it out and giving us the opprotunity to win it!


  3. I would love this gift card. Once a week, I bring dinner to a friend who is struggling with two kids and one income. This would be awesome to bring to her and say, "This week you're getting TWO dinners on me."

  4. I would love this cuz I love pizza and I'm preggo... preggos love pizza! :P

  5. I would like to win because I work AND go to school full time, and dear god it sucks to cook after that, lol.

  6. I'll enter cause low and behold I do know someone whose close who will use it. And she's a uber talented women who deserves a break from having to make dinner for the family after working and going to school. :-)

    ghost-traveler @ wdemail dot com

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