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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The last few days...

I got my new sewing machine on Wednesday!!!! I spent the day setting it up and getting everything ready to start sewing. I went to the fabric store on Thursday and gathered the supplies I needed. As soon as I got home I started working on a new hoodie for my son. I spent pretty much all of Thursday cutting and sewing. I finished it that night after my son went to bed. It turned out super cute! It feels so good to be sewing again! I can't wait to start more sewing projects. I have several in mind for him, and I have already gotten a few requests.
Today(Friday) I was pretty busy too. I took the baby to visit some friends who haven't gotten to see him yet. They were all excited to finally meet him. It was really nice to visit with my friends and talk to adults for once! I'm sure my other mommy readers know what I am talking about. Also tonight my fan page reached 500!!! I will get to draw the giveaway winners tomorrow night! I am so very blessed to have so many wonderful fans!
I have also been busy collecting supplies for my upcoming blog project. I will have to wait till the 25th to buy the rest. I am really hoping I can find a few more sponsors so I can cut my cost a bit. If not I will still push forward. I believe it is a great idea, and have had a lot of good response from others.

Look for the winners tomorrow night!

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