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Monday, March 7, 2011

I love fluffy mail :)

Last night when I got home from visiting a friend I was pleasantly surprised to find a package on my door step. I opened it and found my fluffy mail! Inside was two Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers, 5 cloth wipes, a bottle of Blissful Booty Wipe Water Concentrate in Vanilla & Shea scent, and a spray bottle.
The diaper is AMAZING! I was so surprised how soft it was inside. I started rubbing the inside of it against my cheek while telling my husband how soft it was. He of course laughed at me and thought I was crazy. I made him feel it and he also was shocked how soft it was.
One thing I really like already is that there is no pocket to stuff. Everything is sewn together (AIO) and there is no need to do anything before putting it on the baby. (besides wash it)

I opened up the bottle of wipe concentrate to smell it. WOW it smells so good! I followed the directions and mix 1/2 teaspoon of concentrate into the 6 ounce bottle of water. I sprayed some on my hand, then wiped it off. My hand felt so soft and smelled so good after I did it! Even after a couple of hours I could still smell it!!! The wipe water concentrate comes in sevreal diffrent scents:
*Lavender Vanilla
*Melon Patch
*Sugar Cookie
*Baby's Breath
*Vanilla & Shea
*Juicy Berries
*Sweet Apple Cheeks
*Milk & Honey
*CoCo Mango
*Baby White Tea
It makes 24 twelve ounce bottles of solution from just one four oz bottle of concentrate!!!!

I am really looking forward to testing out the diapers. Everyone who has tested the diapers and wrote reviews raved about them! I can't wait to get my little man in some Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers!!! I'm sure he will appreciate such softness on his booty!

You can check out the Blissful Booty Store by clicking HERE
You can also stop by the Blissful Booty Cloth Diaper Facebook page by clicking HERE

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