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Friday, March 18, 2011

BzzCampaign-SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning

I was very excited when I received my FIRST Bzzcampaign package today!!!! It has been a couple months since I joined, and I have been patently waiting to get invited to something. I am super glad it was this one! With spring right around the corner, and of course SPRING CLEANING this kit will help me a lot!

Here is a picture of everything that was in my box. I immediately grabbed the candle and lit it. It is the newest scent from glad call "Sparkle of Spring". It is a limited edition as part of their spring line. Oh, it smells so good! It definitively reminds me of spring! It didn't take long for the smell to make its way throughout my house. With the great weather we had today the candle really helped it make it feel more like spring!

My husband seen the toilet gel thing and had a good time sticking it in our toilets. I thought it was kind of funny since he NEVER does anything with the toilets normally. If that's all it takes to get him to do something I am totally in!

I have been a long time user of Pledge, so I know that will work well with all the wood furniture I have.

I need to get a plug in for the Glade scent they sent. Thankfully they sent me some coupons so I will use one of them to get one when I go to the store next.

I tired the Scrubbing Bubbles in the shower tonight. It did a really good job of covering a large area quickly. I let it set for a few minutes, then wiped it down and sprayed it off. I was quite impressed how well it cleaned my shower! I normally use the everyday shower spray stuff from Scrubbing Bubbles, and that helps cut down on the soap scum build up.

I'm pretty excited to start spring cleaning now! I still have lots of the Simple Green products left that I won from their contest. Partnered with the SC Johnson products I received today I have everything I need to get my house in tip top shape!

I will post again about this campaign after I test the products some more.

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