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Friday, December 28, 2012

Why I use cloth diapers

When I was pregnant with my son I started looking into cloth diapers. I had an interest in them because it was a greener and cheaper option compared to disposable diapers. My husband couldn't get past the initial "sticker shock" so we went with disposable diapers when our son was born.
Within a week of his birth we noticed a rash. By the end of the first month it was horrible. We tried every brand of disposable diapers on the market and NOTHING helped. It got so bad that the skin on his bottom would peel off and bleed. It was heartbreaking to see my sweet little boy in so much pain. At that point I was able to get my husband on board with at least trying them and seeing if it made a difference. Our first stash was only 4 basic diapers. I would cloth diaper part time during the day and wash them every single night.
Within a few days the rash improved. It didn't completely go away so we knew it was time to invest in more cloth diapers. Sure enough as soon as we switched over to cloth full time the rash disappeared!
It's been 2 years now since I started cloth diapering my son. We now have a baby girl who is also cloth diapered full time. I honestly think that cloth is the way to go. Not only is it better for our environment it is so much better for our childrens bottoms. After the initial cost you start saving money too. A bag of disposable diapers is around $7 for the cheap ones and they last maybe a week. For around $13 you can purchase a diaper cover and 3 prefolds which is good for 3 diaper changes. It can be used multiple times and on multiple children!
I love teaching others about cloth diapers. It is truly a passion of mine. I love helping others discover how great and EASY they can be!

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