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Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Family snack review

I first heard of Happy Family snacks over on My Four Littles blog. She had done a review and giveaway. Of course I entered! I love trying out new products so I enter a ton of giveaways. I ended up being the winner and recived 5 coupons for free products. I had a hard time finding them locally so I emailed customer service. I was told to go to Target to find them.
So the next day I headed to Target to pick up some snacks for my 2 year old. My Target didn't have s huge selection but I was able to find 2 different varieties for him to try.
The first one I picked is Veggie Pals carrot orange apple chews. They are little fruit snacks that have carrots in them! How can you go wrong by sneaking a veggie in?? I gave a pack to my son and he immediately gobbled them up! I tried them as well since the package states they are good for ages 2 to 102! I actually liked them a lot. There was a ton of flavor but not to overpowering. Also I didn't taste carrot at all!
The second one I picked out was Happyyogis yogurt & fruit snacks in the mixed berry flavor. My son also really enjoyed them! I tried it too and they tasted just like yogurt!
All of the Happy Family products are certified organic. They are also free of preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors and NO GMO's! That is all things I love in products my kids eat.
You can check out Happy Family's full line of products on the website or look for them at your local Target!
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