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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paying it forward Jayden style

Not long ago a local boy lost his fight with cancer. His story is so amazing and heartfelt. His wish was for every child to have a present for Christmas and for everyone to pay it forward.
Since his passing a truly amazing movement has started. At first it was just locally, but now it is spreading across the country. People from all over are paying it forward "Jayden style" by paying for strangers dinner,paying off layaways for the holiday, handing out cards with a little bit of money, and just spreading this little boys story.
Every day I read the post people leave on the family's Facebook page:
Keep on truckin' team Jayden
And I cry reading about people doing good things for complete strangers and doing so in his name.
I'm paying it forward by writing this post and sharing it with the blogging community. I would love for all bloggers to take a minute out of thier busy day to share this amazing little boys story. My hope is that this story will touch others and they will also pay it forward.
Till next time XOXO

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