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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric Breast Pump Review and Giveaway

Today I will be sharing the Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric Breast Pump. I am very excited to show you all the GREAT features this pump has to offer!

Picture of Rhythm™ Dual Action Electric Breast Pump Set 

The set includes: Compact Travel Sanitizer, 6 Disposable Breast Pads, Breast Pump Standing Cradle, 5oz/150ml Natural Nurser Electric breast pump with personalized programming unit, Flex Neck Silicone Horn and hygienic travel cover, 5oz/150ml Natural Nurser with slow flow nipple and hood, Manual breast pump hood, Manual breast pump handle, Silicone storage lid. Also included are a battery pack, adapter, and other spare parts.

My favoirte part is the lid that keeps it clean! The silicon horn is fabulous too. It is very comfortable to use.

I love that it comes with the parts to change it into a manual breastpump!

It is very easy to take apart and clean!

This is the pump as a manual.

I have used a few different brands and styles of pumps and I have to say this is the ONLY one I own that acts as a manual OR an electric breastpump. It is VERY easy to change it too.

Put together to use as a manual pump.

Put together to use as an electric pump.
 It literately took only seconds to change from a manual into an electric and. It is so simple! I LOVE it!

The power source is on the top of the electric part. It has a really long cord too which is great.
An up close picture.

Everything fits nicely in the case!
This is with all the pieces taken apart.

This is with all the pieces put together except the bottle isn't attached.

It also comes with a battery pack so you can still use it as an electric pump on the go! It requires 4 AA batteries *not included.

It comes with the 2 bottles. I love the shape of them!

I know I've already said it but I will say it again. I LOVE THIS PUMP! the only down side is it is a single and not a double. Maybe sometime soon Nuby will come out with a new double pump ;) *hint hint

I love that you can easily program it to remember your UNIQUE combination of fast and slow. I have never seen that feature in a pump before and its wonderful. I have been using the pump every morning to pump milk for my daughters food. I can easily get out 4-5 oz in less then 10 minutes.  
 The Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric Breast Pump is available at these retailers:
Now for the fun part! Enter below for your chance to WIN the Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric Breast Pump! Open to US only. Prize will be shipped directly from Nuby.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Till next time XOXO 
***Disclaimer: I was given this product for free to review on my blog as part of the Nuby Mommy Blogger program. All opinions are my own and were not influenced.*** 
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  1. It would be for me as needed, I shouldn't have to pump too much longer. Then it would be passed on to my SIL who is due the first week of June, but will only have two weeks off before returning to work, so she'll need to be a pumping machine!

  2. It would be for me. My first child is due in May

  3. For me I'm due in July and i wore our my last pump.

  4. If I won, it would probably get shared. I would use it, and whoever else in my family needed it, then I would share it with them too.

  5. It'd be for my sister in law :) she just gave birth and is borrowing one because she couldnt afford one.

  6. For me. I'm due September 2nd.

  7. For me...due April 10th

  8. It will be for me since I am due at the end of July.

  9. For me. I thought we were done having little ones and i gave all my stuff away - well now we want one more :o)